Razer Basilisk v2 Mouse Review

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Your mouse is a pretty underappreciated component of your set up. Many people when starting out with PCs will either stick with the one that came with their system or plump for the cheapest possible option as an add-on.

It’s only after a period of time, either doing a specific task such as video-editing or even playing games, that the realisation suddenly hits you there might be a better option out there.

And that’s where the trouble starts as there are 1000s of mice, a lot of them very expensive mice that choosing the right one can be a massive pain.

One of the biggest problems is that you don’t often get the chance to test-drive a few to see what you like. Everybody has different hand sizes, you might even be left-handed. All these factors and more come into play. How are you ever expected to choose?

What most people end up doing is plumping for a brand they have heard of – Logitech, Corsair and Razer would be among these names.

What then happens over time is when you come to replace your mouse in years to come, you stick with the same brand. Brand loyalty is big in the rodent world.

A few years back Razer released their Basilisk model and it received well-rounded praise from all corners but it was especially popular with the FPS gaming fraternity.

Cleverer people than me will have been running algorithms and equations to best decide when people who loved the original version of the mouse would be most likely be ready for a version 2 updated model and that time my friends is upon us.

Our Verdict