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Best 75-inch TVs in 2023 – our top picks

Bring the cinema experience home with our choice of the best 75-inch TVs

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on October 23, 2023
Best Sony Bravia AXR Mini LED TV is one of the Best 75-inch TVs available in the market.

If you’re looking for the best 75-inch TV, we’ve got you covered right here.

75-inch TVs are one of the best size sets for those looking for a cinematic experience at home. For most living spaces, they’re seriously big and you’ll need to wall mount them in most cases, so we’d recommend checking that it’ll fit and your wall is okay to handle it too.

But if you’ve got the green light, these TVs take movie and gaming sessions to a whole new level. Often packed with features and the very latest technology, 75-inch TVs are dominant over most short-throw projectors when it comes to responsiveness and picture quality. However, one technology that’s rarer to find at exactly 75 inches is OLED, which is why we’ve included an excellent 77-inch model for you to consider in our selection.

We’ve selected these TVs to give you a variety of options at different price points, and we’ve also shared some of our expert tips on finding the right TV for you with our buyers’ guide after our top picks.

So let’s dive in and help you find the best 75-inch TV for you.


Products at a Glance

How we picked

We’ve used our expertise and knowledge of all things TVs to research and identify 75-inch TVs that stand out in terms of specs, performance, features, value for money, and anything else that caught our eye. We’re always updating our selections in line with new releases, so you can be as up-to-date as possible when making your decision. Be sure to check back in with us again, or bookmark this page for new options in the future.

Top features and considerations

The main considerations when buying a 75-inch TV are the screen type and the resolution. There’s a good mix of 4K and 8K screens within the range, so it’s about finding the balance depending on whether you care more about a detailed picture or one with the very best contrast.

A lot of the picture and sound technologies aren’t new for 2022, but instead are step improvements from what was already offered last year. The biggest change in TVs for this year has been the focus on gaming features, so we’ve made sure to highlight those on every screen too. Whether you’re a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox gamer, you’ll see which TV will give you the best experience. Switch gamers will be fine on any of our recommended TVs.

Look out for the processor too – this plays a big part in getting the most out of these screens. LG’s 5th Gen alpha processors, Samsung’s Neo Quantum range and the excellent Cognitive Processor XR from Sony all do an amazing job of optimizing everything you watch for the 75-inch screen experience.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Anti-glare coating and bright picture
  • Excellent for gaming with VRR, ALLM, and Auto HDR Tone Mapping
  • Support for Dolby Atmos
  • Contrast is great, but some may prefer OLED
  • Very pricey, even for the size,

We think one of the best 75-inch TVs you can buy right now is the stunning Sony X93L series. It packs a hefty price tag, but let’s see what you’re getting for the price.

First off, for gamers (especially those playing on PS5) you’re getting a number of features that will really bring your sessions to a whole new level. This is an HDMI 2.1 TV, which means you’ve got a 120hz refresh rate paired with 4K resolution. What that means is that you’re able to enjoy ‘next-gen’ gaming as it should be – high resolution at high frames per second. But this TV in particular goes one step further with the addition of VRR and ALLM, both of which are important when it comes to lowering input lag and reducing screen tearing. It even features Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode – which put simply, makes your games look even better.

In terms of the picture itself, you’re getting a Mini-LED panel which is one of the best panel types on the market, sitting between QLED and OLED in some senses. Like some of the best mini-LED TVs, this TV will produce spectacular contrast, brightness, and vivid color. In fact, if you’re looking for one of the best TVs for a bright room, we’d say this should be high up on your list of contenders since it also features an anti-glare coating – something uncommon with even the best OLED TVs on the market.

Add all of this to Sony’s signature stunning design, Google TV and compatibility with Apple AirPlay, and support for Dolby Atmos, and we think you’ve got a real winner here.

If your heart is set on Sony, be sure to check out our top picks for the best Sony TVs too for more options.

  • Unbeatable contrast
  • Stunning design
  • Features AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync for gaming
  • Arguably small improvements on cheaper LG C2
  • Even with brightness booster, some may want backlit TV for brighter rooms

If you’re after the best 77-inch TV on the market today, we’d have to say the LG C3 Series takes the win. The C3 series has been one of the most popular choices for those looking for high-contrast and vivid color. The LG C3 reviews have also praised its improvements on the already brilliant C2 series.

The OLED panel itself achieves this with its self-illuminating pixels. Instead of a traditionally backlit TV, these OLED panels can switch on and off their pixels, meaning that when something is black – it’s as black as it gets. This is what gives TVs like the LG C3 their unbeatable contrast, making them an ideal choice for lower-light rooms, or night-time usage.

The C3 line (as with the C1 and C2) is also excellent for gaming, packing 120hz, VRR, ALLM, and adaptive sync technologies like Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium – both of which are found in most of the best OLED gaming monitors. It even boasts a response time of just 0.1ms, which means you can expect the on-screen movement to look very fluid indeed.

Under the hood, so to speak, you’ll find an upgraded a9 AI Processor Gen6, which includes a Brightness Booster and a feature that automatically optimizes the picture quality based on what you’re watching. You’re also getting support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos – meaning you have practically everything you need for the ultimate movie night.

But where the LG C3 really delivers the goods is with its unbelievably sleek design. With even thinner bezels than before and its super thin profile, this is one of the best-looking TVs on the market that should look excellent when wall-mounted.

Overall, we think this will be one of the best 77-inch TVs money can buy for a long time to come.

  • Amazing screen for the price
  • Great gaming features
  • Excellent voice control compatibility
  • QLED not quite as punchy for contrast as OLED
  • 240hz feature is great, but slightly overkill for more casual gamers

75-inch TVs can be expensive, but for most people, you won’t need to shell out too much if you want one that delivers the goods. Case in point, this stunning TCL Q7 TV.

As with many of the best TCL TVs on the market, the 75-inch Q7 is both affordable and packed with features you’d expect out of much higher-priced options. This is QLED TV or Quantum Dot LED TV, and these sets are characterized by their brightness, vivid color, and decent contrast. In terms of where they sit between the other panel types, they are better than LED panels but not quite as good as Mini-LED panels. That being said, this TV actually has a 1000-nit peak brightness, which is very impressive for the price range.

Again, we’re seeing yet more gaming features, but this TV packs some quite unique ones that should go down a treat with gamers. It has a 120hz refresh rate and VRR but also has a Game Accelerator mode, which can give you 240hz gameplay when you need it most. In other words – when you’re playing more competitive games.

On top of this, it has HDR Ultra, which includes Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, and more, meaning that your movie nights and more cinematic gaming experiences will be absolutely incredible.

Overall, it’s an excellent TV for the price that should transform your home entertainment setup for a price that’s quite accessible considering the sheer size of this TV. For more QLED options, we’d recommend checking out our top picks for the best QLED TVs on the market.

  • Super affordable considering the size
  • Mega Contrast helps to enhance picture quality
  • Simple, versatile design
  • LED panel
  • Only 60hz refresh rate

Our pick for the best budget 75-inch TV is the Samsung CU7000 Series. It’s super reasonably priced considering its size and gives you everything you need for a home theatre experience on a smaller budget.

Now the big question here is why this large TV is so much cheaper than the rest of this list. Basically, it comes down to the panel type, refresh rate, and gaming features. The panel type is LED, which is bright for sure, but not as impressive as QLED when it comes to color or contrast. That being said, they still more than do the job, and with features like Mega Contrast working to enhance the picture quality further, we still think it’s more than enough for most people.

The refresh rate is 60hz, which is expected at this price range. It means that watching sports and gaming will be good, but not quite as smooth as with a 120hz TV. If you’re gaming on slightly older-gen consoles, or simply don’t care too much about high framerates – this TV should be all good for you.

Overall, this is the type of TV that we’d recommend if you’re fixed on getting something massive for cheap, or want to save money for other additions to your entertainment setup. We’d suggest that if you want higher quality TVs for the same price, our best 70-inch TV list could have what you need.

  • An outstanding TV for outdoor use
  • Bright, vibrant colors and smooth motion
  • Eye-wateringly expensive
  • Limited sound quality

This is absolutely a specialist TV and only for those with a serious chunk of change to spend, but if you want an amazing TV for your outdoor space then there is none better.

The Terrace has a vibrant QLED display with bold colors and decent – though not perfect – contrast. It handles bright scenes like sports really well, but if you want to watch darker movies on your deck at night then you’ll notice how shades don’t quite pop from the screen.

It’s weatherproofed with an IP55 rating, so providing you don’t point the hosepipe directly at it then you shouldn’t have any issues, and it’s rated safe for direct sunlight too so you’ve more options on where to mount it. The screen does have an anti-reflection coating, so you’ll have a great view even on those bright summer days.

There’s no amazing sound tech to shout about though, and that price is huge already, so buying a weatherproof sound system is another consideration if you want the best experience. An amazing TV but not something that everyone can likely aspire to.

75-inch TV buyers’ guide – how to find the right one for you

When it comes to 75-inch TVs there is almost too much choice, and it can be tough to navigate what’s available and what’s ultimately the best TV for you. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider when making your search before you make your final decision.

Panel type

75-inch TVs can be expensive, and the type of panel you get will have a huge impact on the price and the type of picture quality you’re getting. LED panels are at the lower end. They are cheaper, pretty bright, and have decent color and contrast. Up one step is QLED, which is brighter, has better contrast, and excellent color. Many of the best Samsung TVs are QLED, but there are also some excellent mid-range options with Hisense and TCL. This is the middle ground for most people that will ensure good picture quality without having to pay too much. One step up is Mini-LED, which has amazing contrast, color, and brightness. Expect to spend big with these, but they will give you top-level picture quality. This is for those who are serious about their entertainment setup, as you’re looking at anywhere between $2000 – $3000 in this price range. They are also good for brighter rooms, and preferable over OLED for many for that reason. Finally, you’ve got OLED, which is the very best and most expensive TV you can get. Expect to pay thousands for an OLED TV at 75 or above inches. These are the best options for home theatre setups and are great in lower-light settings. Many of the best LG TVs, and best Sony TVs are OLED.

Wall mounting

TVs this size look much better mounted onto a wall, so we’d advise checking that you have the space and the correct wall to handle a potentially heavy TV. Check out some of our picks for the best TV wall mounts for more options.


75-inch TVs can be expensive. We’d say that you should look to spend between $1500+ to get something that looks and performs well.

Additional speakers

Most TVs are so thin nowadays that the speakers are simply not that great. We’d recommend keeping this in mind as you will likely need a soundbar for your TV unless it’s a very premium model.

Is a 75-inch TV too big?

Some people worry that a 75-inch TV is too large for a lounge, but it depends on the space and layout you have available. They are very large screens, but they look incredible in the right setup, and providing you’re sat more than 8 feet from the screen you should be fine.

How much do 75-inch TVs cost?

75-inch TVs are still considered a large-screen luxury, and they’re also expensive to manufacture – cutting the glass for TVs above 55-inch is less cost-effective so individual screens cost more. A good budget option will cost between $1,000 and $1,500 but the best TVs will cost closer to $4,000. Some specialist TVs may even cost a lot more, with some models priced at up to $20,000.

How far should you sit from a 75-inch TV?

The theory applied to optimum viewing distance is that you should sit at a distance that’s between 1.5x and 2.5x the screen size. So, for a 75-inch TV, you should be sitting between 9.5 and 15.5 feet from the screen. Realistically you will still enjoy it from around 8 feet or more. Any closer and you may find you have to move your head to follow the action.

Our Verdict

We think the best 75-inch TV you can buy right now is the Sony X93L Series, thanks to its super bright mini-LED display and excellent gaming features such as 120hz, VRR, ALLM, and Auto HDR Tone Mapping. It’s a pricey option, but one we think is well worth it for the ultimate entertainment setup.