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Best CPU for V Rising in 2024 – Intel, AMD, and budget picks

V Rising finally gets a full release, perhaps a good time to upgrade CPU?
Last Updated on May 15, 2024
Best CPU for V Rising
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It’s been a two year wait for early access to come to a close, and with a rekindled interest in the vampire survival game, we’ve found the best CPU for V Rising to help you decide on your next upgrade. Reading through the version 1.0 patch notes will probably take you a whole afternoon, so we’ll keep it brief with a strong selection from AMD and Intel to suit whichever side you’re on.

We’d had the pleasure of testing some of the best CPUs for gaming to make sure we’re well equipped to hand out a list of suggestions. The game isn’t exactly the most intensive, but a strong CPU is definitely recommended to ensure smooth and stable performance. We look at some recent options on the most popular platforms today.

What CPU do you need for V Rising?

The easiest way of understanding this is by checking out the V Rising system requirements. Interestingly, they are listed as subject to change, but we think the current CPU recommendations will remain viable for a while. Looking at the recommend specs, you’ll find the Intel Core i5-11600K and Ryzen 5 5600X, which does suggest that the game is more CPU-intensive compared to GPU – you can see our best GPU for V Rising guide if you need as well.

So, if you want to have a suitable processor which is up to the task, we’d suggest sticking to recent generations of hardware. These are much easier to find and of course be more relevant for longer. Below, we go through our selection in greater detail and discuss reviews. For reference, the minimum requirements list an i5-6600 or Ryzen 5 1550X, which we wouldn’t consider these days.

Best CPU for V Rising
  • Product packaging of an AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D processor featuring 3D V-Cache technology, with an orange and black color scheme.
  • Cores: 8
  • Threads: 16
  • Boost speed : up to 5 GHz
  • Base speed: 4.2 GHz
  • L3 Cache: 96 MB
  • TDP: 120 W
  • Platform: AMD (AM5)
What We Think

The 7800X3D is one of the best CPUs on the market, regardless of what game you throw at it. If you want stellar gaming performance and a high amount of cache, this is your best choice. Plus, it can be a real productivity beast too despite falling just below the Ryzen 9 level.

Reasons to Buy
  • High amount of L3 cache boosts performance in CPU-intensive games
  • 8 cores and 16 threads offers strong multi-core performance
  • Latest AM5 platform will be supported for a long time
Reasons to Avoid
  • Pricey upgrade if you aren’t currently on AM5
  • Runs fairly hot

For gaming, the 7800X3D is a pretty straight-forward recommendation. If you want a strong CPU that will last you for years to come, whether you’re playing V Rising or anything else, this is a top pick. As part of the Ryzen 7000 series, it is the first generation to use the AM5 socket, which will remain relevant for a long time, though there is a cost as you’ll need a compatible AM5 motherboard and DDR5 RAM. One reason why this is so good for gaming is the 96MB of L3 cache – thanks to the stacked 3D v-cache design of AMD’s X3D models. This can help boost fps and maintain stable performance in CPU-intensive games.

For V Rising alone, this CPU is more than what’s necessary but it represents one of the best options for gaming in general. One drawback to some users is the lower number of cores compared to something such as Ryzen 9 models, which are preferred for workstations. However, the 8 core / 16 threads design is easily capable for multitasking and tasks such as editing or streaming. Do keep in note that the 120W TDP does mean you’ll want a suitable cooling solution compared to some of the more budget options on this list.

What users say

This CPU holds a high 4.8/5 rating at the time of writing, against well over 2,000 ratings. Reading through the Amazon reviews will tell you that the performance is top-notch and the vast majority of users are happy with their purchase. Unsurprisingly, lots of mention of its gaming prowess as well.

Best Intel CPU for V Rising
  • Close-up of a computer's motherboard featuring a mounted Intel Core i5-13600K processor with visible socket and screws on a detailed circuit background.
  • Close-up of an Intel Core i5-13600K processor in focus, with a blurred blue computer case in the background.
  • An Intel Core i5-13600K processor displayed in front of a blurred computer case.
  • Intel Core i5-13600K CPU against a plain white background.
  • Cores: 14 (6P-8E)
  • Threads: 20
  • Boost speed : P-Core 5.1GHz / E-Core 3.5GHz
  • Base speed: P-Core 3.5GHz / E-Core 2.6GHz
  • L3 Cache: 24MB
  • TDP: 181W
  • Platform: Intel (LGA 1700)
What We Think

For a choice of Intel CPU, we have to go for the i5-13600K. In fact, the recommend specs for V Rising mention the 11600K, so we’re jumping ahead a couple of generations to make for a more future-proof alternative on the LGA 1700 socket.

Reasons to Buy
  • Fantastic for gaming and productivity
  • Large amount of cores & threads – excellent multi-core performance
  • Competitive price tag, especially after 14th gen arrived
Reasons to Avoid
  • Can run hot and needs sufficient cooling

The Intel Core i5-13600K is a fantastic choice of CPU if you want to stick to Team Blue. Intel has pushed their big.LITTLE technology a lot in recent generations to allow for a large amount of cores and threads, split into performance and efficiency cores. This makes for better multi-core scores than AMD Ryzen counterparts (the 7600X in this case), which is ideal for productivity workflows outside of gaming itself such as editing or streaming. We put its performance to the test in our Intel Core i5-13600K review.

“We consider the 13th gen to be the best value right now, as the 14th gen was just a refresh of the existing Raptor Lake architecture and offers a minimal performance increase”

Intel Core i5-13600K review, PCGuide

This processor fits the LGA 1700 socket, so you’ll have to make sure you have a compatible motherboard in order to upgrade. Now that the 14th gen is out, you can actually score a great deal on the 13600K, making it a great value pick and a real winner given its strong performance. If you want a little extra multitasking power for your workstation without being overkill for gaming, then this Intel chip is a fine choice.

What users say

Again we take to the Amazon reviews of this CPU and find that it scores a high rating. Many users call it great value for money and the large number of cores is a real selling point. If you’re long overdue an upgrade for your Intel-based system, this could the one for you – and it supports both DDR4 or DDR5 RAM.

Best mid-range CPU for V Rising
  • AMD Ryzen 5 7600X CPU in front of its packaging, featuring the "7000 series processor" label.
  • AMD Ryzen 5 7600X processor with visible pins on a white background.
What We Think

For solid performance which doesn’t break the bank, we’d suggest the 7600X from AMD. It is a great entry point to the AM5 platform that will make it easier to upgrade in future, all the while providing all the processing power needed for V Rising.

Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Relatively easy to keep cool
  • Easily supports GPUs suitable for V Rising
Reasons to Avoid
  • 6 cores / 12 threads design limits high-end workstation use
  • Upgrading to AM5 is more costly

Moving over to another Ryzen processor using the AM5 socket, we have the 7600X. This is one of the cheapest models from the 7000 series and a excellent upgrade if you want a future-proof system for the foreseeable future. It retains the usual Ryzen 5 design we’re used to with 6 cores and 12 threads, which is suitable for gaming – while boasting a fan 5.3GHz boost clock speed. As a mid-range option, it has a 105W TDP which isn’t too hard to keep cool, despite the impressive power it delivers.

“The Ryzen 5 7600X is a powerful CPU and offers a fantastic price-to-performance ratio. The CPU is more than capable of gaming at the high end, with enough oomph to keep up with the latest GPUs”

AMD Ryzen 5 7600X review, PCGuide

Our AMD Ryzen 5 7600 X review has all the finer details if you’re interested in this CPU. We’d say this is the equivalent to Intel’s 13600K, though it does lose out slightly on multi-core performance due to the lower number of cores. Even still, the friendly TDP and even friendlier price tag makes this an easy choice for anyone that wants to upgrade to the AMD’s latest platform/socket. Again, there will be a premium to pay due to the other AM5-compatible hardware required to support it.

What users say

The 7600X is a popular CPU for good reason, and users reviews are a good indicator of this. Unexpectedly, the price to performance is a big topic of discussion, while many users are very happen with the uplift in performance from their previous processor in both productivity and gaming workflows.

Best budget CPU for V Rising
  • A close-up photo of an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor box on a blurred background.
  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X gaming CPU on a plain white background.
  • Cores: 6
  • Threads : 12
  • Boost speed : up to 4.6 GHz
  • Base speed: 3.7 GHz
  • L3 Cache: 32 MB
  • TDP: 65W
  • Platform: AMD (AM4)
What We Think

The 5600X is still relevant in 2024 and is regarded as one of the best budget CPUs out there. It is listed in the V Rising recommended specs, so it’s a no-brainer if you want a great processor on a tight budget. Plus, it’s a great upgrade for those already on AM4 hardware from the early generations.

Reasons to Buy
  • Inexpensive and often discounted
  • Highly efficient and easy to keep cool
  • Stock cooler included
  • Supported by several generations of AM4 motherboards
Reasons to Avoid
  • Less powerful than current-gen
  • Few upgrade paths for AM4

Last, but to least, is the 5600X, celebrated as one of the most popular CPUs at the minute. Given the long-lasting support for AM4 (even with a few new releases in 2024), the 5600X still holds up as a strong option to this day – especially if you want to save some cash. If you’re putting together a new budget build or want to upgrade from your 1st or 2nd gen Ryzen, the 5000 series is a fine option. In our AMD Ryzen 5 5600X review we note that this CPU is still viable with impressive benchmark scores.

“The Ryzen 5 5600X is a fantastic budget CPU that can bring you a lot of power if you don’t need the cutting edge in your system. The 6 cores and 12 threads make this a good CPU for light productivity work and a bit of gaming, and all for around $140 is a steal”

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X review, PCGuide

The price point is the big selling point here, especially if you already have an AM4 board to simply slot it into without added expense, though a BIOS update may be in order. With its six cores and twelve threads, the 5600X is a solid performer for gaming and more lightweight workstation use, even though the clock speed doesn’t quite break the 5GHz barrier like the newer 7600X. Since this belongs the last generation that uses the AM4 socket, it doesn’t offer too many routes for future upgrades, though we’d consider the 5800X3D if you want to maximize gaming potential on the platform.

What users say

Given its age now – and just the popularity of it – the 5600X boasts over 25,000 user reviews on Amazon, giving you plenty of further reading. We can see that it represents a fan-favorite for budget builders to this day and a solid upgrade from users on older AM4 hardware such as the 1600X.

Things to consider before you buy a CPU for V Rising

There are always certain things you’ll want to think about before you buy. We can highlight some of the key factors to research before making a purchase just below.

Clock speed and TDP

To put it simply, the clock speed of a CPU measures the number of cycles executed each second, so obviously the higher the better. Interestingly enough, AMD’s Ryzen X3D range usually feature slightly lower speeds to facilitate the unique stacked v-cache design, but this is a worthwhile trade and anything pushing the 5GHz range is more than enough.

Overclocking is another thing to consider if you want to push this, though you’ll need to be aware of the TDP and whether you can keep the chip sufficiently cooled. Newer models are pushing 120W and above (170W for the flagship Ryzen 9 7950X), so they can run hot even without the introduction of overclocking.


Pricing is relevant with anything. Luckily, modern processors do an excellent job of handling gaming workloads and V Rising shouldn’t struggle with performance if you only have the funds for one of our more budget-friendly picks. Set yourself a budget and make sure you also consider all options in that range. Plus, you can use tools such as Camelcamelcamel to view product price history and strike at the right time.


When it comes to compatibility with your CPU, we’re generally talking about the motherboard and supported socket. For example, in this guide we discuss processors which fit AMD’s AM4 and AM5 sockets, as well as Intel’s LGA 1700. Before you buy, you need to make sure whether your motherboard supports the new CPU, as motherboards will only support a specific socket.

Furthermore, you may want to take the issue of CPU and GPU bottlenecking into account if you have a particularly powerful or extremely outdated graphics card. Picking a CPU which pairs well with your GPU makes for a more valanced system for optimal performance.

Final word

With V Rising demanding a least a solid CPU for gaming, it makes sense that you may need to upgrade your outdated gaming PC. All of the CPUs we’ve done a hands-on review on have been benchmarked in our testing lab, which helps us pick out the good from the bad. Luckily, both AMD and Intel offer a strong line-up with their most recent generations to suit all kinds of budgets, or particular allegiances.

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