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Best GPU for Hades 2 – our top reviewed picks

What kind of GPU is suitable for Hades II?
Last Updated on May 15, 2024
Best GPU for Hades 2
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With the launch of Hades II into early access, we’ve been monitoring the performance of the popular dungeon crawler to figure out what the best GPU for Hades 2 is. Luckily, the game is very lightweight – we tested it to find the best settings for Hades 2. That means you won’t need the very best graphics card out there to run it, but if you’re looking to upgrade your system, we can provide some solid suggestions.

We’ve been busy reviewing and testing GPUs, so we have a solid selection to take you through today. Given its easy-to-run nature, you can afford to go for some more budget options with Hades 2, which is reflected in our picks. If you want something even more powerful for more graphically-intensive games as well, then we also have that covered.

What GPU do you need for Hades 2?

As we explained in our introduction, Hades 2 is far from a demanding title. Looking at the Hades 2 system requirements tells us that the recommended specs suggest either a GeForce RTX 2060 or Radeon RX 5600 XT. Both of these graphics cards are a few generations old now, and target the more entry-level market. Additionally, they suggest the Intel Arc A580 from Intel’s Arc 5 mid-range.

If you’re buying a new graphics card today, you’ll probably want something more modern and relevant for all kinds of games going forward. Plus, seeking out older generations of GPUs generally doesn’t offer great value for money unless you look on the used market. Given the game’s requirements, we’d suggest a budget-friendly card from current or last gen.

Best GPU for Hades 2
  • RTX 4060 Ti graphics card displayed against a backdrop of colorful computer hardware boxes.
  • A limited edition Spider-Man-themed RTX 4060 Ti graphics card in front of its original packaging.
  • Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti graphics card with its box on a desk featuring gaming-themed decor.
  • A Zotac gaming Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti graphics card lying on its side.
  • Zotac RTX 4060 Ti
Best in ClassHighly Recommended
  • GPU: AD106
  • CUDA cores: 4,352
  • Bandwidth: 288.0 GB/s
  • Memory bus width: 128-bit
  • Base clock speed: 2310 MHz
  • Boost clock speed: 2550 MHz
What We Think

We recommend the RTX 4060 Ti as one of the best value GPUs of the 40 series, with the versatility of both 8GB and 16GB models available. For Hades II, you should have no problems in any resolution, though this card is generally aimed at 1080p or 1440p gameplay.

Reasons to Buy
  • 8GB and 16GB models are available
  • Cheap, yet future-proof option
  • Access to DLSS 3 frame gen for more demanding games
  • Runs efficiently with low power draw
Reasons to Avoid
  • Features such as DLSS not relevant to Hades 2
  • RTX 4060 is a cheaper alternative

We’ve done some extensive testing of this GPU in our RTX 4060 Ti review, and it proves to be a great value pick. More than enough for Hades 2, but if you want something which will remain relevant for years to come, this is a solid option. While the specific SKU we reviewed features 8GB of VRAM, you can also look around for 16GB models if you want a higher amount of memory as games get increasingly demanding. Fortunately, Hades 2 will have no problems in this regard. The 4060 Ti is a good way of unlocking Nvidia’s frame generation technology if you’re also going to play graphically-intensive titles in contrast to Hades.

“Considering the value for money at the sub-$300 price tag, even with 8GB VRAM, you should be very happy with what this video card can do with the latest and most demanding PC games”

RTX 4060 Ti review, PCGuide

If you do want to save a little bit of cash, then we can instead also recommend the RTX 4060, which is one step down from the Ti. Generally speaking, it doesn’t offer the same value for money at MSRP, but well worth picking up for a budget build – especially whenever its on sale. It’ll easily run games like Hades II and benefits from the same feature list thanks to Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace architecture for the 40 series.

What users say

For the unique Spider-Man design model we reviewed, taking a look at the Amazon reviews reveals that it has been well received. As an upgrade from generations-old hardware or for a brand-new build, it has proven to be a popular choice. One reviewer calls it a ‘productivity powerhouse’, many thanks to the AI chips that Nvidia is pushing with these newer RTX cards.

Best AMD GPU for Hades 2
  • High-end AMD RX 7600 XT graphics card with triple-fan cooler on a desk against a background of computer hardware.
  • A modern dual-fan RX 7600 XT graphics card on a desk with computer monitors in the background.
  • ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB Twin Edge OC on a white desk.
  • RX 7600 XT vs RX 6700 XT - Gigabyte RX 7600 XT graphics card with its packaging
  • Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT graphics card box on a desk.
  • A close up of an AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT graphics card.
  • RX 7600 XT review
What We Think

AMD’s budget-friendly pick from the RX 7000 series is our go-to from Team Red on a limited budget. It’s a great performer with an attractive price tag. Sure, you don’t get the same level of AI accelerated hardware as Nvidia, but this isn’t relevant to a lightweight game such as Hades II.

Reasons to Buy
  • Very competitive price tag
  • 16GB of VRAM is more than enough
  • Gigabyte Gaming model comes with triple-fan cooling
Reasons to Avoid
  • Falls behind the RTX 4060 Ti
  • Not the best for creators

For fans of Team Red, we’d like to suggest the RX 7600 XT. In a similar way to the 4060 Ti, this is AMD’s upgraded version of the RX 7600, offering double the VRAM and providing solid value for money. For Hades II, this GPU will suit all your needs while providing a generous amount of memory for extra headroom. In our RX 7600 XT review, we note that it holds its own in 1080p in demanding games, as well as playable framerates at 1440p. In much more lightweight games like Hades though, it provides a surplus of power to drive smooth performance at any resolution.

“The main selling point of the AMD RX 7600 XT is the bump up in VRAM, which doubles the original model’s 8GB GDDR6 all the way to 16GB GDDR6 instead. In theory this should provide a significant amount of overhead to crank games up in 1080p and 1440p”

RX 7600 XT review, PCGuide

One of the best things about the 7600 XT is the price, offering a solid entry-level option for a wide range of gamers. These Radeon cards do fall behind in aspects such as ray tracing (compared to Nvidia), but this isn’t relevant for Hades, so the money you’ll save by going for the 7600 XT over something like the 4060 Ti is a noteworthy benefit.

What users say

Looking at user reviews for the RX 7600 XT tells us many buyers are happy with the performance to price ratio. Plus, it is a suitable upgrade if you’re still working with much older hardware and have finally decided that it’s time to upgrade to something modern.

Best Intel GPU for Hades 2
  • The Intel Arc A770 GPU
  • Close-up of a modern Intel Arc A770 graphics card with distinctive branding logo.
  • Close-up of an Intel Arc A770 graphics card cooling fan with the label 'aeroblade 3d fan'.
  • Rear I/O of the Arc A770
  • The fans of the Arc A770
  • The heatsink of the Arc A770
  • Close-up view of the worth-it Intel Arc A770 graphics card with a distinctive logo on its surface.
  • Close-up review of the Intel Arc A770 graphics card with an aeroblade 3d fan.
  • Close-up review of an Intel Arc A770 graphics card on a desk.
  • GPU: DG2-512
  • GPU cores: 4,096
  • VRAM: 16GB GDDR6
  • Memory bus width: 256-bit
  • Base clock speed: 2100 MHz
  • Boost clock speed: 2400 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 512.0 GB/sec
What We Think

Intel is much newer to the discrete graphics card game, generally focusing on the low-mid range market. This is great news for budget builders, and if you’re looking for a new GPU to run Hades II, this probably includes you. The A770 OC offers excellent value for money and better performance than the official recommendation.

Reasons to Buy
  • Aggressive pricing versus the competition
  • Generous 16GB GDDR6 VRAM
  • Plenty of power for Hades 2
Reasons to Avoid
  • Avoid if you don’t have access to ReBAR
  • Driver support can be a worry

As we mentioned earlier, the required specs point towards the Intel Arc A580. But if we’re going to recommend an Intel graphics card, we have to go for the Arc A770. This is from the Arc 7 tier and the flagship model of the Alchemist generation, but that doesn’t translate to a ‘flagship’ price in the same sense as AMD or Nvidia. As per our rasterization benchmarks, it falls marginally behind the 7600 XT and 4060 Ti, but since you can find one for less than $300 these days, it is a solid contender. If you want a detailed look, see our Intel Arc A770 review.

“There is a lot that’s worth praising, such as the low power draw and the frame rates taken as a whole when compared to the AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti. There are ray-tracing units and a solid memory bandwidth with the 16GB GDDR6 memory pool”

Intel Arc A770 review, PCGuide

Driver support is generally a concern with these Intel graphics cards, but it is constantly improving. They are catching up to their rivals in this area and the value will only improve with time. On the flipside, it has been proven that access to ReBAR (resizable BAR) is a must-have if you want strong performance. That means having a 10th Gen Intel or 3rd Gen Ryzen CPU to unlock compatibility – keep this is mind if you’re upgrading your GPU but otherwise have older hardware.

What users say

People are coming round to the idea of using an Intel GPU, and looking at some user reviews is a good display of this. Again, this is another card which is praised for its bang for your buck. Though, as expected, there is a warning against driver support – especially in the case of VR gaming.

Best mid-range GPU for Hades 2
  • rtx 4070 ti vs rtx 4070 ti super
  • Asus TUF gaming RTX 4070 Super graphics card with triple fans.
  • Best GPU for 1440p 144Hz - RTX 4070 Super with PC Guide logo
  • Best RTX 4070 Super
  • RTX 4070 Super vs AMD RX 7700 XT
Highly Recommended
  • GPU: AD104
  • CUDA cores: 7,168
  • Bandwidth: 504 GB/s
  • Memory bus width: 192-bit
  • Boost clock speed: 2595 MHz
What We Think

If you want some extra power from your GPU, we’d suggest the 4070 Super as a great all-rounder for modern gaming. It is more than you’ll need for Hades II alone, but a solid choice for any game you throw at it. It’s a great performer chiefly designed for 1440p, but it even has the power for 4K in some demanding titles as well.

Reasons to Buy
  • Good value for money within the mid-range
  • Excellent ray tracing and encoding performance
  • Offers up to 4K in modern games
Reasons to Avoid
  • Overkill if you only plan on playing Hades II
  • Higher price tag than our other options

As an alternative, we’d also like to recommend one of our favorite Nvidia GPUs as of late, the RTX 4070 Super. This is a powerful GPU which offers good value for money across all resolutions and won’t struggle one bit with games like Hades II. We always like to make it clear that you should also consider the other games you’ll be playing with your new GPU, so this is a powerful all-rounder if you want to try out some of today’s more resource-hogging titles in any resolution.

“If you’re after a leading 1440p GPU but also want to check out 4K without an eyewatering MSRP, then it’s a card you should consider in 2024”

RTX 4070 Super review, PCGuide

In our RTX 4070 Super review, we put it to the test with benchmarks and found worthy of a respectable four-star rating. It’s worth noting that we also reviewed the original RTX 4070, which has now dropped in price given the introduction of the Super SKU. So that’s something to consider, though the performance uplift for the Super card makes it the more appealing option to us.

What users say

The ASUS TUF model we reviewed is one of the more expensive variants, but looking at the reviews on Amazon reveals that not too many people are disappointed with their purchase. Customers are more than happy with the performance it offers, though there is one running theme: size. It’s a bulk card, so you’ll want to make sure it’ll fit in your rig.

Hades 2 gameplay, captured by PCGuide
Hades 2 gameplay, captured by PCGuide

Things to consider before you buy a GPU for Hades 2

Upgrading your GPU comes with a whole host of things to consider, no matter if you’re seeking a flagship or entry-level model. If you’re upgrading for Hades 2, here’s what you need to know.


Knowing that Hades 2 isn’t a difficult game to run, price is one key thing to think about before you buy. We suspect that many of you will be sticking to a more budget-friendly level if running a lightweight game like Hades is high on your agenda. As such, there are great options from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel in this price tier. Make sure you set yourself a budget you can achieve and compare rival cards around that level.

Clock speed

When comparing different manufacturers’ cards for the same GPU, clock speed is a noticeable difference between them. Different overclock rates are applied depending on the model, which offers slightly better performance while driving up the price. For Hades 2, there’s not really any need for go for an expensive model; you could even underclock one of our suggestions and run the game with a smooth framerate.

Power requirement

Understanding the power draw of your next graphics card is important. Upgrading your GPU may mean that the rest of your system is outdated in comparison. As such, you’ll want to make sure that your PSU provides enough power (wattage) to support the card you’re upgrading to, be sure to check the recommended PSU for any new graphics card before you buy.

Final word

Now that we’ve come to the end of our guide, hopefully you are now equipped with the know-now to pick out your next GPU. Hades 2 released into early access on May 6th, 2024, much to the delight of fans of the original. Thankfully we aren’t running into any annoying early access performance issues compared to games such as Gray Zone Warfare, as Hades remains lightweight with a stylized art style that looks great.

As part of our GPU reviews, any card that we have personally rated goes through our testing lab for benchmarking to determine a score, making it easy for you to make an informed decision.

For further reading, you may want to check out our best CPU for Hades 2 guide. From our own testing, we figured that the game can run well even on good integrated graphics, so this would be the best value for money if you’ve decided you don’t want to spend big on a new GPU.

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