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Apple iPad Pro OLED 2024 release date, specs & price – everything we know

Apple's iPad new iPads are just as Pro as we expected them to be
Last Updated on May 8, 2024
Two Apple iPad Pros with keyboards; one displays an article on technological advances in reforestation, the other shows a fashion magazine layout.
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It’s yet again the time of year to take a look at some brand-new releases from Apple as we track down the latest on the Apple iPad Pro OLED 2024 release date. On top of that, we’ve gathered up everything we know about the specs and price. Two new models are set to hit the market – the 12.9″ iPad Pro 7th generation iPad Pro 11″ 5th generation, at least going off Apple’s latest models.

The good news is that there isn’t very long to wait at all: as you may have seen, Apple’s “Let Loose” event has let the new iPads loose into the world. Going off previous predictions, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman originally said that the new OLED iPad Pro would launch at the end of March, or in April 2024, but following the Apple event that revealed all, we can safely say this is no longer the case. We explain all the exact details just below.

Quick overview

The new iPad Pro’s were launched by Apple at the “Let Loose” event on the 7th of May, and just as rumored these swanky new tablets come equipped with an OLED display and are overpowered by an M4 chipset – there’s a brand new Apple Pencil Pro on the cards too. However, such a specs upgrade comes at a cost, and this time around it’s added $200 to the starting price, meaning the 11″ now starts at $999, and the 12.9″ has increased to $1,299 for the base models.

Apple iPad Pro OLED 2024 release date

So, at the ‘Let Loose’ event that was video-streamed on the 7th of May, Apple revealed the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, as well as a wealth of new iPad accessories to get excited about too – including the first new Apple Pencil since 2018, and a new Magic Keyboard for an even more laptop-like experience out of your iPad. With pre-orders open, shipping and in-store availability are set to kick off on the 15th of May 2024.

Despite being slightly off the mark (no pun intended) last time, Mark Gurman remains a reliable source for new Apple tech, and he reliably reported on Bloomberg that Apple plans for the new iPad Pro to launch in May. What’s more, Mark’s Power On newsletter suggested that “you can circle early May in your calendar” – with a launch for May 6th predicted: and as it turns out, he wasn’t too far off. Apple posted details on its Events page for a new Apple Event set to take place on May 7th, 2024, commencing at 7AM PT or 10AM ET. At the heart of the event’s graphics was an Apple Pencil, which was highly suggestive of the fact that this event could be specifically for showing off what Apple has done with the new iPad Pro OLED lineup – of course, this suggestion turned out to be bang on the money.

Are Apple iPad Pro 2024 pre orders available yet?

Yes, the good news is that following the “Let Loose” launch event, both the new iPad Pro and iPad Air are now available to pre-order, with shipping set to commence on the 15th of May. What’s more, it turns out there’s a lot more to like about these new iPad Pros other than their confirmed OLED displays: you’re getting the new M4 chipset – allegedly 50% faster than the previous iPad’s M2 – as well as a ‘Pro’ accessory refresh. The icing on the cake is that Apple has described these 12.9″ and 11″ models as “The thinnest Apple Product ever”, at only 5.1mm thick. It’s no doubt that many people will already be sold, so we’ve put together a page for where to buy Apple iPad Pro OLED 2024 to help you find the best retailer for the job.

Apple iPad Pro 2024 specs

SpecificationDetails (confirmed)
Screen size12.9″ or 13″ / 11″ or 11.1″
Screen technologyTandem OLED / Ultra Retina XDR display
ProcessorApple M4 chip
Rear camera12MP Wide, ƒ/1.8 aperture
Front cameraLandscape 12MP Ultra Wide camera, ƒ/2.4 aperture, camera on side
Battery life31.29-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery / 38.99-watt-hour rechargeable lithium‑polymer battery
Network connectivityWi-Fi 6E, Cellular
Operating systemiPadOS 17
Peripheral compatibilityMagic Keyboard, Apple Pencil Pro
Apple iPad Pro specs table

At the “Let Loose” Event, the majority of the specs that were rumored as more or less true were fully confirmed by Apple. Of course, this included one of the biggest revelations for other new iPad Pro, which was its switch over to OLED technology for its panel; in contrast, the new iPad Air devices are sticking to LCD. Apple has dubbed its new OLED iPad display “Ultra Retina XDR”, and there’s also a nano-textured glass option designed to reduce glare. As expected, there are two models hitting the shelves this time around, with screens of 11″ or 13″. Both come in a choice of Silver and Space Black shades, and are clad in aluminum.

One of the other notable physical changes is in the orientation of the camera, as it has moved to the right side long edge of the iPad, improving its usability overall. This means the 12MP f/2.4 camera will now be even better for FaceTime calls, and portrait pictures (selfies…) too. It also makes it more ideal for use when attached to a stand or other peripherals such as Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

Internally is where the other big upgrades have taken place, notably, it’s the M4 chip – just as rumored, the iPad Pro lineup has bypassed the M3 chip completely. This alone sets the new iPad to be a huge advancement over the 2022 models, with Apple claiming it offers up to 50% faster CPU performance and has a GPU that’s up to 4x speedier too. This will allow AI to become an even bigger focus for Apple as it starts to roll out the M4 chip into its new lines of devices. It made ense for Apple to lay out its first fully AI-focused device ahead of the WWDC in June, so that come the conference it can focus on how iOS 18 will take advantage of the new AI software and M4 chip.

Apple iPad Pro 2024 pricing

iPad Pro (2024) modelUS priceUK priceCA price
256GB (11-inch)$999£999$1399
512GB (11-inch)$1,199£1,199$1679
1TB (11-inch)$1,599£1,599$2229
2TB (11-inch)$1,999£1,999$2779
256GB (13-inch)$1,299£1,299$1779
512GB (13-inch)$1,499£1,499$2079
1TB (13-inch)$1,899£1,899$2629
2TB (13-inch)$2,299£2,299$3179

It was unclear from rumors and speculations whether or not the new OLED display would add somewhat of a price premium, but the answer has turned out to be yes. Straight away, we can take a look at the pricing of the current 2022 models, and see immediately that the starting price for the new iPad has gone up by a significant $200:

  • Current 11-inch iPad Pro: from $799
  • New 11-inch iPad Pro: from $999
  • Current 12.9-inch iPad Pro: from $1,099
  • New 12.9-inch iPad Pro: from $1,299

Will the new Apple iPad Pro be OLED?

Yes, the 2024 Apple iPad Pro will be upgrading to OLED, with a screen dubbed by Apple as “Ultra Retina XDR”. The current generation instead uses Apple’s LCD Liquid Retina display and mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR display for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPads respectively.

Has Apple announced the new 2024 iPad Pro?

Yes, as anticipated, the “Let Loose” event on the 7th of May saw Apple fully announce its brand new 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air models. The iPad family missed out on getting a refresh throughout 2023, but waiting in the wings were iPad Pros set with the impressive M4 chipset and impressive OLED screens, launched alongside a new Apple Pencil Pro for making the most out of the full capabilities of this tablet that gives even some of the latest MacBooks a run for their money. It looks like the new Pro model is going to be worth the wait and a contender for the best large-screen tablet to date.

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