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AMD’s next-gen Ryzen AM5 CPUs could be coming as soon as August

We could be seeing plenty of new hardware soon
Last Updated on May 27, 2024
AMD's next-gen Ryzen AM5 CPUs could be coming as soon as August
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In what seems to be yet another leak from AOOSTAR (after the new AMD GPU mention), it seems to be that the Next Gen ZEN 5 could be coming in August. As the manufacturer creates Mini PCs and has an interest in powerful yet compact performance parts, it’s more likely to be talking of the Strix Point APUs than Ryzen 9000 CPUs, although since they all feature integrated graphics now it could be either especially as the new CPUs are also said to be coming in 2024.

Next-Gen Ryzen PC schedule, source AOOSTAR Discord vid WCCFTech
Next-Gen Ryzen PC schedule, source AOOSTAR Discord vid WCCFTech

AMDs CPU scheduling

It is likely that both sets of CPUs look to be coming around the same time but AOOSTARs August release will be likely for the APUs with stronger integrated graphics. It also says its range of Mini PCs will come a few months after in October, so if you’re after a small gaming PC then you have to hold back as well for a small compact option of

This new range of APUs is said to be coming with RNDA3+ iGPU cores. The first batch is expected to be the 12 CPU and 16 GPU cores, whilst a higher-end selection comes with 16 CPU cores and 40 iGPU cores. It’s the first lower-end selection that is most likely to be coming in the Summer as the others aren’t expected till later in the year if not 2025.

Either way, we’re likely going to hear a lot more soon. As AMD is at Computex DR Lisa Su will host a keynote on June 3rd and be bringing plenty of updates on the range of its product. With so many components expected this year, it could be a rather packed update with a lot of excitement behind it.

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