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Ryzen 9000 series could launch even sooner than expected according to new rumor

Mark your calendars for late July
Last Updated on May 28, 2024
Ryzen 9000 series could launch even sooner than expected according to new rumor
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If you’re anything like us, you’re probably looking forward to the launch of the Ryzen 9000 series – and it’s closer than ever. The new Zen 5 CPUs are expected to be unveiled by AMD at Computex, which is open for convention goers between June 4th and June 7th this year. Just ahead of that though, we can see from the event calendar that AMD is holding the opening keynote.

We recently saw others claim the new AM5 chips could be arriving as soon as August, but now another development seems to suggest even earlier than that. All should become apparent during AMD’s keynote, and we could be seeing a launch in July instead.

AMD Ryzen 9000 series set to arrive in July

User wjm47196 is a prominent leaker on the Chiphell forums, and they have suggested (albeit in a roundabout way) that four new CPU models will be shown off at Computex this year, which is taking place in Taipei as usual. It looks like the Ryzen line-up will be sticking to what we’ve become accustomed to, with ‘no big or small cores’ like you’ll find on any recent Intel CPU.

This more than likely gives us our first look into what Zen 5 CPUs will bring, with the rumor revealing they’ll be on sale ‘at the end of July’. Contrast that to the 7000 series’ late September launch and it certainly feels like somewhat of a surprise.

New AMD CPUs could be on sale as soon as July
New AMD CPUs could be on sale as soon as July (source: Chiphell, translated)

Which models are coming?

With four new models expected by the end of July, what could they be? Well, we don’t expect much of a shake-up – especially since this rumor mentions 16, 12, 8, and 6 core variants are up first. This should translate to the 9950X, 9900X, 9700X, and 9600X, which replicates what we saw in the 7000 series.

They will all of course be based on the new Zen 5 architecture, with a RDNA 2-based integrated GPU. For people that now want to make the upgrade to AM5, these will represent some of the best CPUs for gaming on the market upon release.

CPUCores / ThreadsArchitectureiGPU
Ryzen 9 9950X16 / 32Zen 52CU RDNA 2
Ryzen 9 9900X12 / 24Zen 52CU RDNA 2
Ryzen 7 9700X8 / 16Zen 52CU RDNA 2
Ryzen 5 9600X6 / 12Zen 52CU RDNA 2
Rumored AM5 desktop CPU specs table

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