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Apple users, prepare for a System Settings shuffle with new macOS 15 update

Apple set to bring in some new changes
Last Updated on May 24, 2024
System Settings reshuffle expected
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Get ready for a little shake-up on your Apple operating system. With the macOS 15 update starting to roll out, it appears the biggest reorganization will be in the System Settings app. While other changes include some rearranging of menus and app UIs, this System Settings change-up is noteworthy.

Reshuffle expected

According to AppleInsider, individual settings within the app will be reorganized based on priority and overall importance. What does this mean? Well, one example includes the lowering position of the Notifications and Sound Settings section. General Settings is now located below key network settings, this is because it’s one of, if not the, most important option section with any Apple device.

In addition, the settings for your wallpaper and display will move in with the crowd. Instead of having their special spot, they’ll be found alongside general settings and accessibility options. Privacy options are also bumped up to similar options like lock screen preferences, Touch ID, users, and groups. This is probably the clearest example of Apple moving related settings closer together.

System Settings on the macOS 14 Sonoma Version 14.4.1 – Image Source: PC Guide

Other notable changes

What else has been changed?

New look Siri

Siri is getting a makeover with a new, monochromatic menu bar icon and its settings moving to a more relevant section alongside internet accounts and Game Center. Additionally, Apple ID is being rebranded as “Apple Account” across the entire system, with hints of redesigned account management features and a new “Printable Account Recovery Summary” tool. System Settings will also see some changes, with wallpaper and display settings being merged into a more general group. However, there’s good news for wallpaper enthusiasts – Apple is likely to introduce new wallpapers to celebrate the new macOS version.

Key app improvements

The Calculator app is getting an iOS-inspired redesign with rounded buttons, improved unit conversion, and a brand new “Math Notes” feature for enhanced note-taking with proper mathematical notation. Safari will benefit from a unified menu for page controls accessible from the URL bar, making it easier to manage new features like “Web Eraser” and “Intelligent Browsing.” The Notes app is getting a major audio-centric update, allowing users to record audio directly within the app, transcribe recordings, and even leverage AI-powered summarization of the transcribed content. 

Audio design

Finally, the macOS 15 update incorporates a range of music and audio switch-ups, including the introduction of smart song transitions, and a ‘Passthrough’ feature for some audio hardware. These are just a glimpse of the exciting changes rumored to be coming with macOS 15. With a focus on streamlining the user experience, and revamped core apps, macOS 15 seems poised to offer a significant update for Apple desktop users.

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