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Latest rumors suggest Nvidia’s RTX 4090 Ti cinderblock design could be implemented in the RTX 5090

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Last Updated on May 27, 2024
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With the RTX 5090 expected to arrive in Q4 of 2024, we’ve seen more and more rumors circulating about its design. The latest of these rumors addresses how the RTX 5090 could be implementing the cinderblock design of the RTX 4090 Ti. This rumor comes from a frequent Nvidia leaker on X called kopite7kimi, who describes what they believe to be the new design of the RTX 5090. Let’s take a closer look.

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What will the RTX 5090 have to offer?

The RTX 4090 Ti never actually materialized on the market, however, with the release of the RTX 5090, could Nvidia be planning to utilize the cinderblock design intended for 4090 Ti? Yes, potentially. According to Nvidia leaker kopite7kimi, Nvidia does plan to use this design and in his tweet, he outlines what this means; “Main Board, IO Rigid Board and a separate PCIE slot component (perhaps it should not be considered as the third PCB)”. This perfectly describes the features of the 4090 Ti meaning that the card could in fact be using a cinderblock design.

Image credit: kopite7kimi leak on X

The cinderblock design sees a 4-slot thick board, with a thin main logic PCB placed along the motherboard. The main logic board contains the VRM, memory, and GPU, and placed on top of that is the cooling solution. The design also implements two additional PCBs; one has the display I/O and the other has the PCIe interface. Additionally, the 12V-2×6 lies on the cooling solution as a fourth disaggregated component.

If the rumors are true perhaps we will be seeing Nvidia’s cinderblock design on the market sooner than anticipated. The 4090 Ti, which never actually made it to release, completed its design phase and made it to its cooling solution OEM. From here images were leaked and customers were able to see what was in store, in terms of its cinderblock design. Eventually, this product never made its way to the market, however, we could be seeing this same design implemented in the RTX 5090, set to release this year.

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