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Nvidia is now on a ‘one-year rhythm’ to leave their competition in the dust

Nvidia's new production timeline is eye-catching
Last Updated on May 24, 2024
Nvidia is now on a 'one-year rhythm' to leave their competition in the dust
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It’s time to change your expectations from Nvidia according to CEO Jensen Huang. Nvidia has announced that customers and fans can expect an accelerated release pattern for GPUs, CPUs, and AI platforms with new chips arriving every year. What does this shift to a one-year cadence mean? Well, let’s walk you through this exciting switch-up.

CEO confirms new Nvidia products every year

Fans have been expecting the release of the Hopper H200 and its follow-up Blackwell in B100 & B200 GPUs towards the latter part of this year, as well as the much speculated X100 GPUs and Rubin “R100” series which could be a game changer if the rumored specs are to be believed. While the latter was not initially expected to enter development till the second half of 2025, it appears this short timeline could actually be correct. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has confirmed that the company is now “on a one-year rhythm. And so and you can also count that”. This came after Huang spoke at the company’s Q1 2025 earnings call. This announcement also incorporates products outside of GPUs, such as CPUs, Networking Switches, and other AI tech – putting full use to its impressive revenue team. “We’re going to take them all forward at a very fast clip” claimed Huang. This accelerated pace could cause Nvidia to leave its competitors in the dust.

New CPUs, new GPUs, new networking NICs, new switches, a mound of chips that are coming. And all of it, the beautiful thing is all of it runs CUDA.

Jensen Huang – Nvidia CEO

Big profits and big demand for Team Green

So, how has Nvidia managed to accelerate its release roadmap? Well, Nvidia has announced huge profit projections for Q1 of 2025 with estimates of around $14 billion. This is mainly due to the production and popularity of AI chips. On AI chips, Huang highlighted their impressive backward compatibility. Both electrical and mechanical design remain consistent, enabling smooth software compatibility. This facilitates effortless data center transitions between H100, H200, and the B100 architecture. The profits don’t stop there for Nvidia, as the CEO claimed “We (Nvidia) expect demand to outstrip supply for some time” meaning the good times will continue to roll.

Q1 Fiscal 2025 summary – Image Source: Nvidia

Pioneering attitude the difference with AMD

In a more light-hearted moment from the earnings call, Huang spoke about the opportunity to be the first company to bring forward AI chips. In a statement, he said “the next company who reaches the next major plateau gets to announce a ground-breaking AI, and the second one after that gets to announce something that’s 0.3 percent better. Do you want to be the company delivering ground-breaking AI, or the company, you know, delivering 0.3 percent better?” Is this attitude the difference between Nvidia and AMD? It certainly seems to be working for the former at this time.

This is quite telling of the overall attitude at Team Green and the reason why they are currently pioneering the GPU, CPU, and AI chip space. As fans continue to lap up the new products, it appears Nvidia will meet that demand, supplying at an accelerated rate.

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